Budgeting & Forecasting

Bookkeeping & Budgeting & Forecasting Services For Clients in Portland, ME.

We offer services for budgeting and forecasting. Our highly trained staff will work to prepare a comprehensive budget outlining the company’s anticipated revenue and expenses based on historical values. We can then use the data collected to create a forecast showing future expected revenue and expenses. This information will help to plan the financial direction the company should be heading in.

Slate Consulting has offices located in Portland, ME. We service clients throughout New England and nationally over Zoom. Contact us for more information!


Why Choose Us

Slate Consulting

Professional Experience

Over 35 years of combined knowledge in the finance and bookkeeping industry

Custom Financial Plans

Custom financial plans created with the growth of your business at the core

Saves you Time & Aggravation

Time saving services that allow you to get back to building your business

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We provide expert advice for all size businesses.

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